Jacaru 1677 Kangaroo Ground (Aboriginal design)

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1677 Kangaroo Ground - This cotton scarf can be used to adorn your Jacaru hat. The traditional Australian Aboriginal art simply ties around the crown. This print is the beautiful work of Australian Aboriginal artist Nambooka.
Bea Edwards is also known as Nambooka. She was taught by her grandmother. She belongs to indigenous language group of Pyemmairrener. Bea was born in Tasmania and currently she lives and works in Melbourne, Victoria. Nambooka is almost a household name in Patchwork and Quilting industry in Australia and USA after her famous design Bambillah. Many of her artworks are in public galleries and private collections. Nambooka’s art is about flora and fauna, indigenous development, nature and spirituality. Her artwork is distinctive, unique and aboriginal. Many of you may remember her most popular artwork – Bambillah “Mirram Mirram Aka” means Kangaroo Ground. This artwork is bold, colorful and graphic. It shows that when you enter he grounds of Kangaroo, it is said that you will gain strength and stamina. The hunter would sit within the Kangaroo ground for some time before starting the hunt to gain the strength and stamina to ensure a successful hunt.

Hat sizes

By using a soft measuring tape, measure the circumference of your head just above your ears and refer to the size guide below. If you are in between sizes go up to the larger size. You can always place a sweatband/size reducer (purchase from our accessories here) in the front and or back of the hat. If you have any difficulty determining your size, please send us the measurements and we can recommend a size to fit.

63/8" 65/8" / 63/4" 67/8" / 7 71/8" 71/4" / 73/8" 71/2" / 75/8" 73/4" / 77/8"
52cm 54/55cm 56/57cm 58cm 59/60cm 61/62cm 63/64cm

* Due to customer feedback we have recently modified the sizing. Please note that the size and fitting can vary depending on the style, leather and material. If you are concerned about selecting the correct size please contact us on info@jacaru.com before ordering.

Belt sizes

30" 32" 34" 36" 38" 40" 42" 44" 46"
80cm 82cm 84cm 86cm 88cm 90cm 92cm 94cm 96cm

Footwear sizes

BOOTS SIZE 6 7 8 9 10 11
FOOT LENGTH (CM) 24cm 25cm 27cm 28cm 30cm 31cm
Jacaru 1677 Kangaroo Ground (Aboriginal design)
Jacaru 1677 Kangaroo Ground (Aboriginal design)
Jacaru 1677 Kangaroo Ground (Aboriginal design)

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