Jacaru 1676 Bush Banana (Aboriginal design)

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1676 Bush Banana - This cotton scarf can be used to adorn your Jacaru hat. The traditional Australian Aboriginal art simply ties around the crown. This print is the beautiful work of Australian Aboriginal artist Donna Abbot. 
"Bush Banana is a climbing woody vine found growing on other shrubs and trees. Its flowers are creamy in colour. The thick narrow leaves grow from a short stock, and fruits are pear shaped.Bush Banana is widely distributed throughout Australia. Often vines are found growing in dry creek beds and water courses in arid zones. Bush banana is a potent plant to Aboriginal people. The fruits have good nutritional medicinal value. The extract and paste of leaves are often used to treat pains, stomach upset, flu etc.Bush Banana has got many Aboriginal names. One of the Aboriginal names is Anangkwe. Bush banana is a totemic plant that is often featured by many Aboriginal artists in their artworks.Donna Abbot is an experienced and skillful artist from Alice Spring, Northern Territory. Her usage of colour and design makes her work unique. Donna’s dreaming is Banana and she learnt painting from her parents."

Hat sizes

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Jacaru 1676 Bush Banana (Aboriginal design)
Jacaru 1676 Bush Banana (Aboriginal design)
Jacaru 1676 Bush Banana (Aboriginal design)