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1004 Stw 1

This has been an excellent ordering experience. My husband already has one of your wonderful hats and I am sure he will be getting another one this summer.

Barbara - United Kingdom
1111 Br Copy 2

I will say this purchase was made due to two major factors:
1. The Jacaru hat this is replacing lasted an incredible amount of time even though thoroughly abused by me! If this hat is even half as well made, it is a winner!
2. The level of wonderfully professional, fast, personable and caring customer service shown when I contacted you initially about the possible 'rehabilitation' of my previous hat.
Thank you again.

Russ - Canada
1150 Br Copy 2

My husband loves your hats and this is a present for him so really looking forward to it's arrival.

Val - United Kingdom
1069 Brown 1

I am very satisfied with the customer service and will be a customer again in the future.

Luke - United States
1003swagmantaupe 1

I have one of these hats I purchased in Australia at least 15 years ago.. My son likes very much so would like for a Christmas present.

Ed - Canada
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Total of 7 Results

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