About Us

Jacaru Australia make and supply high quality hats and fashion accessories made with natural materials for outdoor lovers, global travellers and spirited adventurers.

Our aim is to inspire powerful connections with the Australian outdoors that unites people, generations and cultures across the world.

Experience the freedom to explore with a nod to the past and respect for the future. Our iconic and distinctive collections are inspired by wild Aussie landscapes and crafted to be part of stories that connect generations.

Since its beginning in 1969, the Jacaru brand has reflected this Australian landscape, its unique lifestyle and the spirit that is Australia - wild, untameable, strong and courageous.

50 years on, Jacaru has established itself as one of Australia’s finest accessories brands, selling in over 50 countries worldwide. Today, we are prouder than ever to be Australian.

We believe in Australian made products, handcrafted from the finest Australian materials.

We are proud that our leather products are designed and made with dedication in the hands of our craftspeople located in Burleigh on the iconic Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.

We are proud of our heritage and will continue to work passionately to bring you quality products that are quintessentially Australian.

We also wholesale a range of non-leather fashion hats and accessories to complement our locally made leather range. 

Jacaru – Handcrafted in Australia. Since 1969.