At Jacaru, we pride ourselves in working with local suppliers to bring you the finest quality leather materials that are natural, sustainable and renewable. Kangaroo leather is considered amongst the most sustainable leathers – a green alternative to other leathers and synthetic products and widely regarded as an intelligent use of a sustainable resource.

Kangaroos are not farmed. They are harvested in the wild from a large self-replenishing population. While in Australia we are lucky enough to have 48 species of kangaroos, only four of the most common species are allowed to be harvested. A small portion of the kangaroo population is taken for the food industry and the leather is a recycled by-product that would otherwise be considered waste.

Currently, the kangaroo population in Australia is considered superabundant and not endangered, estimated to stand around the 50 million mark. Studies have shown that in the last 40 years, harvesting of kangaroos in the wild has had no adverse impact on the population.